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135,000 people live in poverty in the Alberta Capital Region. Nearly 42,000 of them are children. Without the right support, poverty can become a cycle from generation to generation. Together, we move beyond managing the symptoms of poverty and work towards ending it.

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1,700 people are experiencing homelessness in Edmonton. Many more face housing insecurity due to obstacles such as insufficient income, a mental health challenge, or an illness. United Way of the Alberta Capital Region is helping by investing in programs and initiatives that help people access and maintain safe and secure housing.

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Dropout Rates

One in five youth in Edmonton does not complete high school. Graduation from high school is a critical milestone toward future success and is key to avoiding the pitfalls of poverty. United Way brings together programs and services in a new way to help socially vulnerable children achieve their best, by providing a range of coordinated supports to them and their families.

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