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We love our community – for its vibrancy, the strength of its people, and the quality of life it provides. Despite the recent economic recovery, some community members are being left behind. 135,000 people live in poverty in the Alberta Capital Region. Nearly 42,000 of them are children.

Poverty is the most debilitating social issue we’re dealing with today. It strips people of self-esteem, robs children of their true potential and is an enormous hit on our economy. When you live in poverty, you’re faced with making some of the most agonizing decisions you can image – decisions between paying the rent and feeding your children. You want to build a better future, but most of your time is spent just trying to make it through to the next day.

Without the right support, poverty can become a cycle from generation to generation. United Way is mobilizing collective action to create lasting pathways out of poverty. Together, we move beyond managing the symptoms of poverty and work towards ending it.

Individuals struggling with poverty often experience multiple issues and need help in more than one area. Thanks to the help of donors, United Way is able to look at the big picture in order to deliver a coordinated network of services and programs to address a range of needs for children and families who are struggling. Whether it be a mental health challenge, an empty food cupboard, trouble finding employment, or all of the above, United Way funded services are there to help remove barriers for individuals and families to reach their full potential.

Rose was struggling with her mental health and feeling alone. Thanks to her caring community, supports were there to help her create a brighter path.

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