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The mental health of children and youth across Calgary is a crucial issue. Poverty, neglect, household dysfunction, domestic violence, and toxic stress disrupt the physical, social, and mental development of kids. With many mental health problems starting in childhood and adolescence, strong emotional development in childhood is crucial to laying a good foundation for mental health and emotional stability as an adult.

Because many mental health problems in children and youth go untreated, mental illness often continues into adulthood. In fact, 70% of adults with a mental illness indicate their symptoms first emerged during childhood and adolescence. Without a network of coordinated, accessible, and responsive services, many children and youth are falling through the cracks. A lack of awareness regarding what types of mental health supports are available for children and youth, and long wait lists for those seeking the support of mental health professionals create barriers, making it difficult for children and youth to get the help they need when they need it.

Mental health issues kept Rose from planning for her future. She struggled to get out of bed each day. Watch her story below and join us in doing local good.

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