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For too many people across Calgary and the surrounding area, poverty is a daily struggle. Currently, 3,400 Calgarians are homeless, while another 14,000 households are at extreme risk of becoming homeless. Complex challenges like job loss, illness, and the mounting cost of living force individuals and families to make impossible choices, like whether to put food on the table or pay rent.

Poverty isn’t just about a paycheque. In fact, it touches almost every aspect of a person’s life from food, shelter, and employment, to mental and physical well-being. For individuals living in poverty, opportunities to build a good life—including access to meaningful social networks, good jobs, and affordable housing—aren’t equally available. Because poverty limits the ability of individuals to fully participate in the economic, social, and political life of our communities, it not only impacts the people touched by it, it represents lost potential and opportunity for our entire community.

Poverty makes parents like Ken feel like they’re failing their kids when they can’t afford both food and rent. Watch his story below and join us in doing local good.

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