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Everyone Deserves Prosperity

Poverty isn’t just about how much money you make. It’s about a limited access to support your overall personal well-being, lack of connections to the community where you live, fewer choices and limited opportunities for a good education and secure employment. We take on local poverty in all its forms by helping people living in, or at risk of falling into poverty in important ways – ensuring access to a broad range of programs and services, fostering connections to help people work together to develop solutions to the issues that affect them, and empower people living in our communities to join us in tackling local poverty and powering positive change.

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Building Inclusive Communities

Human relationships are the key to living a healthy and happy life and sense of belonging is at the heart of what makes a healthy and inclusive community. Every community has people who are left out. Race, age, ability, gender, geography and income are all factors that can marginalize individuals and limit their opportunities to fully participate in society. These factors can lead to loneliness, isolation and reduce well-being. This is why United Way is committed to ensuring Halifax is a welcoming environment where everyone is accepted for who they are, valued for what they can offer and able to develop a strong sense of belonging.

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Housing and Homelessness

Everyone should have a place they call home. It is the foundation to individual health and wellness and it contributes to health and wellness of our communities. But not everyone can access safe, affordable housing in our city. For some, access to affordable housing is a struggle because of low wages and a lack of income. For others it’s the fact that “affordable” housing units are often in disrepair or located in neighbourhoods that lack employment opportunities, affordable and accessible transportation, and access to goods and services.

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