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“A place where everyone has choice – where to live, what to eat, how to live their life.” This is just one comment received from a resident in response to a question to describe a poverty-free Halifax. Having no choice over how they live each day is the reality for more than 58,000 in our city that are struggling to maintain their essential needs. When people live in poverty, they have fewer choices and chances to achieve their dreams, and a reduced ability to participate in community life. By necessity they focus their energy on survival. The constant stress takes its toll, as individuals and families try to navigate daily life and overcome systemic barriers.

In addition to changing lives through funding on the ground community-based programs, United Way donors enable us to work collaboratively across all sectors to develop poverty solutions that address immediate needs, enable pathways to prosperity and tackle root cause and systemic barriers required to create a poverty-free community for everyone. In our ground-breaking 129 Ideas for Action Report, more than 1,000 individuals including many with lived experience helped to create, shape and inform solutions. This was work that only United Way could do and it was made possible only through the generous support of our donors.

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