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“As a newcomer, you don’t know what to expect. The family resource centre is an awesome place to learn and meet people,” says Rudaina, a regular participant and member of Halifax’s Bayers Westwood community. Rudaina is a testament to the important role family resources centres and neighbourhood hubs have in our community.

Isolation is an issue for many Halifax residents. For newcomers like Rudaina, one of the hardest parts of immigrating to a new community is the leaving behind of friends and loved ones, settling in new surroundings and building social circles and connections. Seniors are also affected by isolation. The reality for them is the longer you live, the more friends and loved ones you lose. Other factors that can contribute to social isolation can be where you live and your ability to access reliable transportation or your level of income and ability to afford vital supports and services.

The effort we put into creating welcoming spaces benefits us all. This is why United Way has been an active funder of family resource centres, neighbourhood hubs and community gardens. Every day, the work they do is changing lives and building a strong healthy Halifax for everyone.

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