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Social Isolation & Seniors

Did you know that 25,000+ local seniors say they have nobody to talk to? The risks are real. Loneliness can be just as dangerous to a senior’s health as smoking.

And, whether isolation is caused by mobility issues, affordability, lack of access to safe transit, language barriers or other factors, the issue of senior isolation in our community is #unignorable.

But, by showing our local love, we can work together to change that.

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Education Inequality & Young People

Every young person deserves a chance to succeed – and access to education is a big part of helping level the playing field. But, for some, that’s hard to even hope for.

It can be especially true if you’re 19 and a foster child who has “aged out” of government care. Nobody to turn to, nowhere to live and too likely to fall through the cracks. Even with the recent expansion of the government-supported tuition waiver program, former youth in care are still struggling… because they’re often forced to wait in food bank lines or work multiple jobs when they should be studying for midterms.

That’s where a new United Way of the Lower Mainland collaboration is making life easier for these hard-working young people: the Youth Futures Education Fund. A fund that’s addressing the #unignorable issue of education inequality.

Find out how local love is lifting people up.

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Mental Health & Vulnerable Kids

Almost 1 in 10 local kids say they don’t think a single adult cares about them. It’s a troubling and lonely reality that makes them more vulnerable to growing up with low self-esteem, puts them at higher risk of bullying and can be connected to childhood depression.

But, by showing these kids what local love can look like – and supporting them through vital after-school programs – they can make the kind of life-saving connections with mentors and friends that will help them grow up great.

See how local love can make a real difference for a vulnerable kid today.

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