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Homelessness is an unignorable issue in Saskatoon. In Saskatoon there are over 400 children and adults living without a safe place to call home. They are couch surfing, living in shelters or on the streets. Ensuring Saskatoon’s most vulnerable community has their basic needs met; is able to attain stable housing and has a safe place to call home at night is a priority for United Way of Saskatoon and Area.

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Mental Health

A lack of mental health supports for individuals and their families in Saskatoon is an unignorable issue. 6.7 million Canadians have a mental illness in any given year, but so many don’t have access to mental health supports. United Way of Saskatoon and Area is focused on providing access to and awareness of positives mental health initiatives for every person who needs them without barriers.

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Social Isolation

A weak sense of community leading to social isolation is an unignorable issue in Saskatoon for youth, families and seniors. 1 in 3 Canadians report not having a strong sense of belonging to their local community. Inclusion and engagement offset social isolation and strengthen the ability to integrate successfully into the community and workforce. United Way of Saskatoon and Area is working to connect people to their culture and community through barrier free access to support services.

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