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Youth Unemployment

Youth are one of our country’s greatest assets. But, too many young people are struggling. Poverty, food insecurity, mental illness and lack of early-years supports can have lifelong effects on children. Youth are also struggling to connect with their communities, finish high school and find meaningful jobs. In these circumstances, young people are at risk of not achieving positive life outcomes. Barriers can include developing basic job skills and gaining valuable experience to assist them in making a successful transition into the labour market or to return to school.

Quick Facts
– The national unemployment rate for those aged 15-24 is 11.5%—almost twice the rate of working-age adults.
– 17% of Canadians under 18 were living in a low-income household in 2015.

Depending on where they live, or their family situation, many children and youth can’t access the vital services and supports they need to build bright futures. This can have lasting impacts on our country’s young people, creating barriers to opportunity and affecting their chances at building a good life.

United Way is helping young Canadians find meaningful jobs – from job skills training and continuing education opportunities, to networking opportunities.

Through United Way…
– $97M+ is invested in child and youth programming across Canada.
– 2,100+ programs and services support children and youth at every stage of their development.
– 1.3M+ kids and youth are served across Canada, putting them on the path to a promising future.

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